About Us

Hey Guys, I am ‘EmanTheCrepsConnect ?’, my reselling journey ‘officially’ began during the first lockdown, I have always loved wearing the latest Jordans, it made me look and feel good, a feeling we all deserve! Fun fact, this was what led to the creation of my business slogan ‘Everyone deserves to drip’. 

After a lot of time spent researching the reselling market, and building a strategy I began reselling HEAVY. In 11 months, my business sold over 1000 sneakers and exclusive items (Jordans, Yeezys, Trapstar and Essentials) across the UK, Europe, America and Africa, and along the way naturally acquired a following of c.35k followers across Snapchat and Instagram. This was not an easy feat, but we all know nothing worth achieving is.  

Honestly, I would not have got this far without the support of my customers, friends and family.  I am extremely grateful and thankful to all my customers/supporters, you keep me motivated to continue to challenge myself and grow my business. I cannot wait for you, my future customer to be a part of such an exciting story. 

To end with a quote: 

Success is dependent on your ability to be persistent’ So BE PERSISTENT!