Sourcing Service

1. Please drop us a message via Snapchat/Instagram with a picture of the item in question, along with the size you would like Ito purchase.
2. The next step would be to give you a price, and estimated delivery time. Assuming you are happy with this, we can proceed.
3. You choose from a range of payment methods e.g (Bank transfer, Paypal, Klarna, Laybuy)
4. Once the payment is complete, we will process your order
5. The final step would be you have received your requested order sourced by us
6. (Optional) Post the item on your social media platforms and tag our instagram

P.S: We offer a same day sourcing service for certain exclusive items… Please note, to increase the chances of your item being sourced in 24hours, as much notice as possible is preferred. Please contact us via email (Hello@emanthecrepsconnect), snapchat (Yungeman) or Instagram (Emanthecrepsconnect) if you require anymore information.